Our lawn maintenance staff is trained to provide top quality services so that your lawn is kept clean and appealing throughout the entire year. We provide year-round services to take care of the needs created by seasonal changes. Following is a list lawn services:

Lawn Services

  • Manicure lawn care
  • Finish and Rough Cut Mowing
  • Fertilizing and Chemical Control
  • Seeding and Rejuvenation
  • Leaf and Lawn Debris Removal
  • Lawn Renovation and Installation
  • Leaf and Lawn Debris Removal
  • Lawn Renovation and Installation
  • Aeration and Slit Seeding
  • Sod Installation


Loyalty Lawn & Landscape, Inc. offers multiple services and products to enhance the appearance of the landscape at your home, business, or facility. Each project is planned carefully so that maintenance needs and long range costs are minimized. Our state-of-the-art graphic design software allows us to show you prior to construction what your project will look like upon completion; allowing you to catch the vision of improvement and growth.

Landscape Services

  • Graphic Design and Rendering
  • Landscape Renovation and Installation
  • Drainage and Surface Water Control
  • Paver and Stone Walks, Walls, and Patios
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Water Features
  • Stone and Hardwood Mulch


Lawn maintenance services include manicure mowing with Walker Mowers for exceptional quality, A Toro Groundsmaster3000-D with an 82" Contour Deck is used for large properties to provide the smooth clean cut finish found on golf course fairways. Trimming and edging around trees, buildings, paved surfaces, lawn ornaments, etc. are performed in such a way as to provide a smooth blend of the grass to the hardscape without cutting the grass off at the ground in an unhealthy "burned off" cut. Blowing is performed to rid paved surfaces, decks, and landscape areas of lawn clippings, leaves, and debris to proved the finishing touch of a complete clean up. Fertilization and weed control programs are available to build, maintain, or enhance the health and appearance of the turf and landscape areas. Leaf and lawn debris are removed as necessary throughout the season to maintain healthy and aesthetically pleasing grounds.

Lawn installation services include excavating, grading, contouring, filling, soil amending, and top dressing. Drainage and irrigation systems are also installed to promote proper drainage and moisture levels for healthy plant growth.

Landscape maintenance services include mulching, pruning of small trees and shrubs, and weed control. Hardwood mulch or decorative river rock are typically used for mulching landscaped areas. Landscape fabric is usually used for a weed barrier to reduce the need for weed control but allow proper water penetration for healthy root growth of the plants. Pruning is performed by mechanical and power equipment depending on desired result or service needed. Weed control is performed by both mechanical and chemical methods.

Complete landscape installation and renovation services are provided. Graphic design services using hand drafting or computer design and rendering services are available to show the customer what their actual grounds can look like with the plants and hardscapes desired depicted with actual photos and not just symbols.

Mature size of plants and environmental demands are taken into account prior to installation to reduce maintenance needs. Various choices of hardscapes such as retaining walls, side walks, patios, and borders are also available using natural, cast stone, block, brick, and pavers.

Mowing services are performed usually on a weekly basis with alterations made to balance weather and seasonal conditions. Customers may also call and request special services as desired. We then incorporate these requests into the schedule to meet them in as timely a manor as possible.